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Welcome to the team Julien Voinson

We recently decided to add people to the team. Julien Voinson is the 1st to join us as an Athlete, not because he’s Supa Dupa strong (we’re sure he will) but because he sticks to our way of thinking and training. And he’s full of potential. Discover him today with this interview! RTE : Hey…

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Supplements performance

Top 5 supplements to improve your performances

Crossfiters are well known for putting all their efforts towards physical and performances goals. One way to enhance it is by taking supplements! In this article, we provide you with the 5 best supplements you could consider to take in order to increase your performances and achieve your goals. Obviously, supplements don’t cover a bad…

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Crossfit Open Workout 18.1 : Kristin HOLTE vs. Sam BRIGGS

2018 CrossFit Games season starts now! Discover what is the 18.1 workout, relieve the live announcement and get some tips to perform. 18.1 is… The Open workout 18.1 is the first event of the 2018 CrossFit Games season, sponsored by Paleoethics and hosted Thursday the 23rd of February in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Kristin HOLTE and Sam…

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What is Tempo Training?

@21X1 Have you seen those weird numbers in some programming? Tempo training is definitely something you heard about and you probably don’t know what it is. However, it’s an approach you should know to improve your workouts and skills! What is it and how it works? Tempo training is directly referring to Time Under Tension…

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Crossfit games

Why you should register for the CrossFit Open 2018

You’ve been doing CrossFit for a couple months or even several years and yet, you still haven’t dared to enter into some competition. An easy way to make the first step into it is to apply for the Open. “I’m not strong enough”, “I haven’t been doing CrossFit for long enough”, “I don’t have pull-ups”…

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Road to Elite

5 tips to build a positive mindset

Your mind is a really powerful tool. Whether it’s in your personal and professional life or in your training, a positive mindset will lead to positive results. Let’s find out how to build a mind of steel that will help you to overcome every obstacle and challenge. 1/ Make the most of what you can…

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Barbell for Boobs

Barbells for Boobs at Reebok Crossfit MeWellness

On Saturday, November 4th, Reebok Crossfit MeWellness (Shanghai) was hosting the annual edition of the Barbells for Boobs event to continue to raise awareness for breast cancer. This day was the opportunity to have some fun training with our big community but above all to defend a great cause. Relieve the event with us! What…

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Dave Castro

Dave Castro announced season changements!

The cooldown show of the 2017 Reebok Crossfit Invitational was full of surprises. Dave Castro announced a lot of changes for the next season, some were expected, some were not.Teams format This is the end of the team of 6 for the Crossfit games. The new format is 4 per team to have a better…

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Josh Bridges x 5.11 Tactical

Train like Josh Bridges with 5.11 Tactical!

A few days ago we got the incredible chance to train with the 4th time Games qualifier Josh Bridges in Reebok Crossfit MeWellness, our box in Shanghai. We’ll tell you everything about this event organized by 5.11 Tactical x China Invitational x Hunter Gatherer. From October 18th to the end of the month, one of…

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Snatch girl

How many Reps and Sets in your training?

Whether you have to create a WOD or program your accessory work, you will have to face the number of reps question. How many reps and sets should I do, regarding my goals? Applying to WODs, why 21-15-9 works so well?Goals and ranges Behind reps and sets, there are basically 3 main purposes with a…

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Review: recover faster with Powerdot

Have you ever woken up feeling sore and achy after a particularly tough workout, or had some struggle to recover between two workouts? Some ways can help you to recover faster. One of them is by using some electric stimulation devices such as Powerdot. Few month ago, Powerdot Europe launched a contest to give away some Powerdot Uno.…

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Hollow rocks

Why you should do accessory work!

“You can’t shoot a cannon from a canoe!” Accessory work will make you better in your crossfit by helping you to build a rock solid body. Discover why it is important to add it to your programming. Accessory work represents all the aspects of your workout that are not part of your “intensity” workout. If…

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