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The Travel WOD eBook

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Travelling can be hard for CrossFiters when it comes to changing the training habits. 

The good news is that being on the road or not being able to make it to the gym doesn’t mean that you cannot train at all. 

One of the strengths of CrossFit is that you can adapt everything and we are gonna prove you that with those travel workouts you can do everywhere!

In this book, you’ll find some inspiration for your warm up, a lot of different workouts and even some accessory work with no or few pieces of equipment.



Whether you’re going on vacation,
visiting your family for the weekend or going on a business trip, it doesn’t always mean you have to change your training routine
(although taking some breaks in your training once in a while is good for you).
This book is full of simple ideas to stay active during those days where you can’t make it to the gym, have fun trying them all!